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IRON CROSSFIT North Brunswick


Check out our class times, stop by or call (or facebook. or e-mail) to discuss scheduling a free baseline workout!!

You’re not getting stronger by putting it off.



Our property is located near  Wal-mart on Route 1 South in North Brunswick at

832 Ridgewood Ave, building 3-B

North Brunswick, New Jersey 08902.

We are 3.5 miles from Cook/Douglas campus and an easy drive from anyone in central new jersey!


Friday, November 21st

Today’s WOD:

**Dynamic Warmup**
**Deadlift Warmup**

WOD : 10 Rounds
7 Deadlifts: #225/155

10 Handstand push ups

Time Cap – 25 minutes

Masters Competition Jan. 10th!

Check out this event!

We have some athletes competing in this Team Master’s event January 10th. age ranges are 35-39 , 40-44, 45+.

We already have a few athletes competing, If you are interested contact Joe or Donna for more information and if you’re looking for a partner.

If you have never done a competition before this would be a great one to do! We’ll have a couple coaches there to help you out.

Thursday, Nov. 20th

Today’s WOD:

Gymnastics: Toes to Bar Clinic

Gymnastics WOD:
4 sets of Toes to Bar (7-10)

Metcon WOD:
20 min Partner AMRAP:
Partner 1:
500m row
Partner 2:
15 Thrusters #95/65
30 Double Unders

Wednesday, Nov. 19th

Today’s WOD:

Strength: Front Squat Dynamics
**Warmup to 80% of 1 Rep Max, Then:

Strength WOD:
3 sets of Front Squat x 2 reps @ 80% (Time Cap: 6 minutes)

Metcon WOD: 15 min AMRAP

20 Front Rack Lunges (135/95)

10 Wall balls 20/15



Tuesday, Nov. 18th

Today’s WOD:

Mobility Clinic:
1. Posterior hip mobilization
2. Shoulder extension, external rotation
3.Anterior hip mobilization
4. Ankle dorsiflexion
5. 10-minute deep-squat test
6. Couch stretch

Metcon WOD:
21 Overhead Squats #95/65
42 Pull-ups
15 Overhead Squats
30 Pull-ups
9 Overhead Squats
18 Pull-ups

Monday, Nov. 17th

Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday to the CrossFit Social! It was a great time, If you missed out on this one don’t worry we’ll have some great events coming up. We will be doing an in house CrossFit competition soon!


Today’s WOD:

Strength: Deadlift Dynamics
**Warmup to 70% of 1 Rep Max, Then:

Strength WOD:
Every 2 minutes for 6 minutes (3 sets)
Deadlift x 3 reps @ 70% (Unbroken)

Metcon WOD:
EMOM for 30 minutes:
Minute 1: 10 Burpees
Minute 2: 15 Double Unders
Minute 3: 20 Kettlebell Swings #55/45

(if you can’t finish through the whole period, get as many reps as possible)

Great night out with ICNB!

Great night out with ICNB!

Saturday, Nov. 15th


We are meeting at 8pm at SHAKA in New Brunswick. Feel free to bring any friends or family. Easiest parking will probably be in the parking deck above brother jimmys. Avoid those burpees, see you all at 8!

Today’s WOD:

Skill – Double unders

Form work: 15 minute EMOM

2 Full Snatch 70% of 1 RM

WOD: Four rounds for time of:
12 Toes to Bar
10 Handstand Push-Ups
6 Overhead Squats (95/65)

Friday, Nov. 14th

It’s been a tough week! Great job, remember the CrossFit Social is this weekend Saturday at 8pm at Shaka in new brunswick (across the street from the train station) We have a reserved section near the bar area.  All members, friends and family are welcome!

Today’s WOD:


**Dynamic Warm-up**

AMRAP 1 (5 minutes)

10 Kettlebell Swings #55/35

10 Goblet Squats #55/35

**2 minutes rest**

AMRAP 2 (5 minutes)

10 Abmat Situps

1 Rope Climb

**2 minutes rest**

AMRAP 3 (5 minutes)

5 Thrusters #95/65

5 Burpees

**2 minutes rest**

AMRAP 4 (5 minutes)

5 Power Cleans #155/115

5 Ring dips

Thursday, Nov. 13

Today’s WOD:


Push Press (4×5 reps)

Push Jerk (4×5 reps)


WOD: 15 min AMRAP
12 Deadlifts 225/155
9 Chest to bar Pull-ups
6 Burpees

Wednesday, November 12th

Today’s WOD:

Skill – Ring dips

5 max sets

WOD: 7 Rounds for time

10 hand release push ups

20 Box Jumps

30 Abmat Situps

*there will be a time cap

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