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IRON CROSSFIT North Brunswick


Check out our class times, stop by or call (or facebook. or e-mail) to discuss scheduling a free baseline workout!!

You’re not getting stronger by putting it off.



Our property is located near  Wal-mart on Route 1 South in North Brunswick at

832 Ridgewood Ave, building 3-B

North Brunswick, New Jersey 08902.

We are 3.5 miles from Cook/Douglas campus and an easy drive from anyone in central new jersey!


Friday, August 22nd

Today’s WOD:

Skill a. – Handstand Hold/walking (7 minutes)

Skill b. – 3 Posi­tion Clean Work  (10 min­utes)

WOD: 3 Rounds for time of:

50 Air Squats
7  Muscle-ups
Hang power cleans 10 reps (135/95)

*Scale for Muscle up will be: 7 Transitions or 14 Ring rows and Dips

Thursday, Aug. 21st

Today’s WOD:

Skill:  10m EMOM

5 Power Snatches 115#/75#


WOD:  12 minute AMRAP

10 one arm KB swings 55/35

10 KB snatches 55/35

10 Pistols

(all movements 5 reps per side)


Wednesday, August 20th

Today’s WOD:

Strength – Deadlift

5-5-5-5-5 @ 75%

(If you don’t have a 1 rep max back squat, you will do that instead.)



14 min EMOM

Odd – 7 Strict pull ups
Even – 15 Box Jump 24/20″

Tuesday, August 19th

Great job on the 1 rep max Back squat yesterday, if you missed yesterday we will make it up sometime this week.

Today’s WOD:

Skill: Push ups

5×10 (Slow push ups focusing on form)


WOD:  For time


Hang Clean (95/65#)

Push Press


Monday, August 18th

We will be starting a 8 week Back squat strength program. Everyone had some great results last time we did this. You will be squatting once a week.  Don’t worry if you miss the back squat day, you can always make it up sometime during the week. This week we will test our 1 rep max back squat.

Also the Spartan race is Sunday Sept. 7th,  if you plan on going the groupon link is posted so make sure you sign up with our team!

Today’s WOD:

-Warm up/Stretching

Strength – Back Squat

Test 1 rep max


WOD: “Annie”


Double unders

Ab mat sit ups

Saturday, August 16th

Today’s WOD:

Skill: KB Farmer Carry (walking)

5 x 100m (work up in weight to heaviest possible)


WOD:   18 minute AMRAP

15 Box Jumps (24 / 20)

12 Push Press @(115 / 75#)

9 T2B

Score = Rounds

Friday, August 15th

Today’s WOD:

Skill: Metcon



8 min AMRAP

25 Wall balls 20/15

3 Muscle ups (Scale = Ring rows/dips)

20 KB swings 55/35


8 min AMRAP

25 KB swings  55 /35

3 Muscle ups

20 Wall balls 20/15

Score = Total rounds


Thursday, August 14th

Today’s WOD:

Strength – Front Squat

Work up to a 3 Rep max



Tabata  Burpees

Tabata  Pull ups

Tabata Row

Tabata Sit ups

Tabata Push ups

Tabata round = 4 minutes of :20 seconds of work, :10 seconds of rest

Score = lowest number of reps completed during each Tabata movement

Wednesday, August 13th

Today’s WOD:

Skill: Handstand practice

Static handstand against wall / Walking handstands / Shoulder taps


WOD: 5 Rounds for time

12 Box jumps 24/20

9 Handstand push ups

6 Power cleans 185/135

Tuesday, Aug. 12th

Today’s WOD:

Strength – Snatch

work to a 2 rep max (drop first rep)


WOD: 15 minute AMRAP

30 Double unders

10 Overhead Squats 45/35 (2 second pause at bottom of the squat)

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